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electrical panel replacement

We replace and install electrical panels safely and smartly...

main service installation

Main service installation requires knowledge and planning to connect...

outlets and switches

Switches and outlet plugs in outlets eventually develop problems;

emergency electrical repairs

If you have an electrical emergency, it’s best to call an expert electrician...

circuit breakers

Circuit breakers provide “overcurrent protection,” keeping your home efficient

whole house residing

Rewiring a building is a big undertaking, but you will love the benefits

outdoor lighting solutions

Outdoor lighting provides security, comfort and ambience and boosts

interior lighting solutions

Use lamps, pendants, lasers, or other indoor lighting to make your home...




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Our licensed, insured electricians have the experience and training to handle residential and commercial installations, repairs, and renovations.

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Great experience! The owner replied to our request, provided a quote, and scheduled an appointment to come do the work within just a few minutes of my email!

Rose Matsuda

I have only the highest praise for Electrical Experts. Very professional, organized, and prompt.

Richard Jackson

We highly recommend Electrical Experts for any of your electrical needs.

Selina Donald

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New electrical panel improves life, adds efficiency and safety.

An electrical panel upgrade will give you new breakers, new efficiency, and more peace of mind.

26 Jul 2023

Do not ignore aging outlets or switches

Switches and outlet plugs serve their purposes safely and quietly for many years...