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Do not ignore aging outlets or switches

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Do not ignore aging outlets or switches
26 Jul 2023

Do not ignore aging outlets or switches

Switches and outlet plugs serve their purposes safely and quietly for many years, but eventually, they develop problems due to wear and tear.

If you have an outlet or switch that no longer functions, you want to get it checked quickly. The shutdown can affect other parts of your electrical system.

The fixes are smart investments and, in the case of switches especially, they offer new styles and designs that can update your rooms.

Also, there are “smart” versions of both switches and outlets that allow you to control them remotely. You don’t have to get out of your chair to change the television set. Why should you have to get up to flip a light switch?

Switch warnings
If you hear a buzzing or clicking or popping sound from your switch it’s telling you that components are getting worse. This could even lead to an electrical fire!

Other signs of deterioration: 
• The light switch is warm to the touch. Dimmer switches naturally grow warm without danger, but other switches should stay cool.

• The switch sends out smoke or a spark or makes a popping noise.

Switches today come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you will have plenty of options.

Outlet issues
Outlets have many of the same issues as switches.
• If an outlet emits smoke or sparks, immediately turn off the power and call an electrician. You may be experiencing an electrical fire.

• The cause of a flickering light sometimes can be traced back to an old, inefficient outlet that can’t keep up with today’s demands – computers, multiple televisions, and large appliances.

• Old-fashioned two-prong outlets lack a ground wire, which is needed to direct an overload of current safely into the ground. Use only three-pronged outlets and you won’t be so vulnerable to electric shocks or electrical fires.

• Cracks in outlets let dust, debris, and pet dander inside, posing a flammable situation. Do not use a discolored or burnt-looking outlet. Immediately call an electrician.

• Over time an outlet loses its ability to securely hold devices. When plugs repeatedly fall out, it means the springs in the outlet no longer work. This can degenerate into sparks or arcing inside the wall. Call an electrician.

• Big, new appliances like air conditioning systems and dishwashers add stress to an electrical system. The best solution is to install a dedicated outlet to service the new appliance.

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