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Basics of main service installation

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Basics of main service installation
24 Aug 2023

Basics of main service installation

To install the main electrical service for your home or business you will want a licensed electrician who plans and communicates well.

It can be a complicated job, but it’s made much easier by an electrician who has all the tools, crew, and parts on-hand and who is in touch with your electrical supplier and the local government that oversees electrical codes.

The most important code is the National Electrical Code, which spells out details of proper installation, down to what color which wires must be.

The challenge is to install the main panel and connect it to the utility that provides electricity.

However, there are many steps in between. Here’s a quick summary:

“Knockouts” are needed to make way for conduits and wires.

The circuit breaker panel must be anchored to the wall.

The main service wires are fed through the conduits and taken outside for installation.

Main service wires are installed and the grounding wire is connected to a grounding rod.

From there the electrician coordinates the installation of service to the various outlets, the meter, and the utility pole or underground link.

It’s a time-consuming process, but eventually, the work is done and your home is humming with electricity!
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